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Season Review - Intro

This past 2015-2016 racing season has been a winding roller coaster of both emotions and performances. It’s been a month now that I am nailed at home, restrained to do absolutely nothing: no training, no school, no car, no computer, no reading, no tv, etc.

Did I fall on my head?!

Kind of, yes… Since February 27th, I am stuck with a concussion. A small accident that prevented me from taking part in the OPA races in Germany I was register for as well as the famous Canadian championships. My condition wasn’t good enough to have the OK from the doctor to participate in those races. Having only one irreplaceable hard drive, I took the wiser decision which meant to take a forced recovery. A head is very precious and school could wait. I wasn’t ready to take the risk to be a vegetable for an extra 6 months either just for skiing. Along the road to recovery I've had my little ball of fur (that is my cat) accompany me all that time and has helped me keep a smile on my face. Cats can be so silly and ridiculous!!

I am happy to say that I am now feeling a lot better, that I can write on the computer, and will soon be less and less crazy as I can slowly get back to studying. I am the most happy girl to see that there is still a beautiful white coat of snow on our ski trails so I can enjoy winter a little bit more.

As it has been a while since I gave news, I wrote a season review that I will be publishing at different times in both French and English so that you can live my last months of racing at its best.

Enjoy reading!

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